We provide you efficient analysis and treatment anywhere mold, cracks, smoke, or water damage may exist in your home or Commercial. Our professional team is completely committed to removing any Damage or unsafe conditions from your home or Bussiness.

Natural Stone Restoration -  Commercial and Residential.

Marble polishing processes can be very controversial because there’s a lot of different ways to polish marble and every contractor uses a different technique. What technique is the best, and who can I trust? we’re going to address a few of the different ways you can polish a Marble because there is so many that we cannot address them all.

Popular marble polishing process is diamond polishing. Diamond polishing which is basically running a very fine grit diamond with water until you receive the desired polish. this alone is not recommended by Quality floor because we can achieve a much better result with our technology.
We are here for all your natural stone restoration, repair & maintenance needs. We specialize in marble polishing, travertine cleaning, granite sealing, limestone buffing, granite countertop crack repair, floor maintenance & repair of other stone surfaces like slate, flagstone, Nurazzo, terrazzo & concrete.Specializing in Stone Restoration, Cleaning and Repair we offer the following services:
* Grinding
* Honing
* Scratch Removal
* Polishing
* Color Enhancing
* Sealing
* Maintenance
* Terrazzo Intallation, Patching
* Grout Stain, repair and remove
* Concrete refinishing

Metal Restoration – Commercial and Residential.

At Quality Flooring Services we offer a wide range of specialized services for Brass, Bronze, Copper, Silver, Nickle, Pewter and even steel. We offer Refinishering, Restoration, Polishing, Fabrication, Platiing and general metal repairs. Custom design and installation for Commercial as well as Residential.

Household Items. Your front door hardware, beds, tables, lamps, bath fixtures, cabinet hardware, silver tea service sets, planters, candlesticks, altarware, foot railing, hand railing, Floor lamp, table lamps, Chandeliers and so much more.

Wood Restoration – Commercial and Residential.

REPAIRS: All major repairs are completed first, to prevent glue from soaking into the raw wood. Any glue on the old finish will be stripped off, and the stripper will not degrade our glues.

We hand-strip only, using an improved flow-over system. The stripper is kept in a reservoir, and pumped through a nylon bristled brush. We work from top to bottom, quickly and carefully removing the old finish. The stripper we use is formulated to leave older urea-formaldehyde glues on valuable antiques intact. A rinse mixture of water, oxalic acid, and mild bleach is used to even out color tones and bring mineral discoloration to the surface where they can be sanded off during the prepping phase.

PREPPING: Before sanding we steam out nicks and dents, eliminating the need to remove more wood from thin veneers and precious solid woods than is needed. the piece fitted and stopped, slides and glides checked, leaves fitted, and detailing completed. Minor repairs are done and all surfaces, are sanded to finish quality. Flat surfaces are block sanded to eliminate the typical waviness associated with machine sanding.

FINISHING: A base stain is used to bring items to a preliminary color. Every surface is completely sealed with a sanding sealer, including all under and inside areas. This helps prevent splitting, cupping, bowing and warping by slowing the woods ability to gain and give off moisture. When needed or requested, grainy formal woods (walnut and mahogany) are then filled and given additional coats of sealer to fill the grain. To achieve a more distinct figuring we often pigment the wood filler. Aniline dyes, known for their depth and clarity, are used to shade entire pieces or individual areas to specific color tones. Pre-catalyzed lacquer topcoats, selected for their water and acid resistance, are applied, and hand rubbed to the desired sheen.

Complete Repairs

Reglue chairs
fabricate missing parts
veneer work
replace casters
Complete Refinishing – Commercial and Residential.

Custom Staining
Color matching

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