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Susan Haitens

Quality Flooring Services did an incredible job restoring and repairing all of the brass in our Bussines!! We now go to Estate Sales just to buy brass and copper and take it in to be polished. All of their personnel are incredibly nice and professional. They not only to really fine work but they are also fast!! What more could you possible ask for ?.

Mary Kopi

The charge to polish a silver bowl was very reasonable, the work was excellent, and was completed on time. In addition, they spent some time researching the value of the bowl at my request, providing me with a needed estimate.

Franz Zanala

I am very happy for the company Qualityfloor. They are professionals. Thank you. I recommend them..

Awesome. I have an antique brass and iron bed purchased for £10 in England. Turns out from 1880-1890. Which they determined from engraving on the caster. Who knew? The iron had been painted black in the 70s, in much need of overhaul. Brass was dented, missing some small decorative pieces, others were loose. They were friendly, very approachable, helpful when I called to check on bed. Gave me a fair estimate (I suspect as had no idea). Bed was ready when promised. It is beautiful!! Painted, baked on paint, white, brass beautifully polished. They found matching or comparable missing pieces, banged out some dents, etc. My bed is fantastic. Thank you, Quality Flooring Services. Will recommend to anyone needing any metal polished or repaired.


Quality Flooring Services came to my house and gave me an estimate to clean and seal our travertine floor. He took the time to explain the process and answered all of my questions. A week later, when he and another gentleman arrived to do the work, they carefully moved all of our furniture, filled in cracks and holes in the travertine, and meticulously cleaned and sealed every inch and put all of the furniture back in it’s original place. The other reviews are accurate, we think our floors look better than the day they were installed. We couldn’t be happier with the experience from start to finish and have already recommended to our friends with natural stone floors.

Uther II

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